About Us

Our interesting story

Strands was founded April 1st 1995……by Brenda Brown. This is no April fool’s joke either. Strands started out with a staff of 3 and has grown to a staff of 10. The Studio is busting out at the seams with friendly, knowledgeable and talented professional staff who ‘love what they do’.

Strand’s Studio is a trendy stainless steal warehouse look, many clients walk in and are “WOWED” by the design. The atmosphere, like the show “CHEERS”, where everybody knows your name. Our location is also perfect because of the easy access, north of the north-gate mall, local and rural clients love us!!

“Curl it, Cut it, Colour it”. At the end of the day, CONFIDENCE is the best hairstyle and that’s what our talented team can do for everyone of you!