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About Us


our story

founded IN 1995, Strands ARTISTIC HAIR SALON 

Strands has been thriving in Regina since April, 1995. We continually
are keeping up with trends, styles and the most advanced color and hair products in the market. Our staff is highly educated with many years of experience that many other newer salons do not have. We use only the highest quality and safe for your hair and health products in our salon. This keeps our environment safe for us as stylists as well as the clients we are so honored to service. 

It has been our mission to bring our customers the safest and highest
quality products. We tend to support non-carcinogenic products (harmful for your health). That doesn’t always leave us alot of options, but trust me, they are being used in our salon for a reason. To support the best hair care, the highest quality of natural color products for full
and demi coverage but also not harm your health in any way! We always are making sure that our products and services are putting you and your hair in the best repair state and least amount of damage, always! We are constantly improving and adding supporting agents to our lighteners to maintain the hairs integrity.

Therefore, leaving our salon, you and your hair will leave in the best
or better state than you arrived. We take great pride in recommending
the best home care regimen to maintain and keep you looking radiant till we see you again. This matters to us that you not only look good when you leave, but that you radiant confidence in the weeks in between visits also! We love when our clients are being constantly asked “who does your hair?” because it looks so beautiful all the time!

We look forward to continually improving and modernizing the techniques we offer by keeping up with trends and styles available in the marketplace today! as well as staying current and up to date on the
safest quality of products we use and recommend to our loyal and
supportive customers – friends!

We are here for you.

hair done your way!

regina • since 1995

About Our Story

Brenda Brown, owner and original founder of Strands has the dedication and passion to make Strands Artistic Hair Studio and definite must visit for Regina and surrounding area.