Owner/Operator of Strands


* Owner, manager, full time journeyman stylist.
* Certified Technical educator and platform artist for Wayne Grund, Pro Design International Team.
* Trained in New York at the Bristol Myers building, for advanced color course at the Clairol Headquarters.
* Certification in advanced free form cutting, razor and scissor techniques.
* Trained in Denver for leadership, motivation and management skills.
* Attended 2 day Oracle Symposium with Joico International and owner Stephen Stephano for in depth knowledge of the Joico Hair Care products and Moisturizing and Repair Color system.
* Certification for Advanced 3 day training for motivational behavior and hands on advanced razor and technical scissor work with international platform artist Wayne Grund.
* Attended “Education on a Vacation.” Exquisite 7 day cruise involving extensive advanced training with inter-provincial artists on the latest trends and fashions.
* Two trips to Toronto ‘ASK’ Symposium for hands on technical cutting and color specializing in advanced placement and trends.
* Attended and completed Pro Design International Symposium, 5 days of hands on training in Las Vegas.


* Advanced Makeup Technician:

For glamour and specialty photo work. Trained with Jean Luc Pelletier, makeup artist of the Miss Canada Pageant. Additional training with Krista Embry, artist to the white house and many celebrities.

* Certified Light Therapy Technician:

For the use of quantum scalar waves to rejuvenate and energize the body. Extra training for facial rejuvenation to reverse the aging process. Extensive course and certification to help the body promote healing.

* Associated stylist:

With top Artistic Directors that form the Joico Artistic Guild (JAG) team, to receive continued education on trend releases on color and cut as well as fashion.

PROFESSIONAL FACTS: Brenda Won a trip for exceptional managerial skills and high volume performance as well as Won 1 of 2 colorist awards given to Canadian artist. She has volunteered make-up and hair for two years for the Saskatchewan Sports Bike promotional calendars to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. Brenda was a honored guest speaker for Christian Women's banquet to explain the importance of the right color and cut for an individual. I have Offered my services for a couple years to do before and after makeovers for the Women's Christian Club "Spring into Fashion" weekend.

ABOUT BRENDA: I have enjoyed doing hair my whole life. Growing up in a large family and being on a farm. It was traditional for the oldest in the family to acquire hair skills to help out with the siblings! Voila, my journey began as I realized I was pretty darn good at it, and really enjoyed it also! Friends began to ask my sisters, "who does your hair" and before I knew it I had others wanting me to try out a new look for them also! I came to the city to look for employment and found there was nothing that stirred my soul like doing hair, so opted in for the training and career in cosmetology and have never looked back. I remember asking myself, "I wonder when I might get tired of doing hair, the same thing over and over?" But then I was soon to realize that our industry is ever evolving and is a 'Constant' change and movement of the old and the new blended together to create the NOW look!! It's been close to 35 years now and the industry has never let me down. I jump up everyday ready to go do hair, play with makeup, consult with new and already good friends and clients. Do some specialty work with the laser! What more could a girl want? I get paid everyday to do something that I LOVE and have so much passion for!


Journeyman stylist


* Professional Background 28 Years.

* Continued Education in London Ontario (20 yrs).

* Exclusive stylist to Stages Models

* Certified Light Therapy Technician

* Receives education from top Artistic Directors that form the Joico Artistic Guild (JAG). Training is every 6 months.

* Certified Jag (Joico Artistic Guild) color educator / tech advisor of Canada.

* Attended Oracle Symposium with Joico International and owner Steve Stephano.


* Western Canadian Symposium with renowned International Design Team from Los Angeles / London England / New York.

* Educates fellow colleagues in Saskatchewan on latest Cut and Color trends / Fall / Winter/ Spring / Summer.

* Judged the Saskatchewan Fresh Faces modeling competition for 5 years (winning model moved on to National Competition).

* Stylist for National Cast of Telemiracle (Regina)

* Worked photo shoots for last 10 years with: Ozzie Mansour: New York / Toronto fashion photographer Brent Marshall: Los Angeles / Winnipeg fashion / magazine / Playboy photographer Paul Toogood: Ottawa / Montreal fashion photographer Ian Cromton: Toronto fashion photographer Albert Gorman: Barcelona Spain / Modeling agent / fashion photographer Aaron Feser: Regina fashion photographer ( Strands site photographer as well )

PROFESSIONAL FACTS: Bev has 28 Years in the business as well as continued Education in London Ontario (20 yrs) & is a Certified Technical Advisor for Joico of Canada & Exclusive stylist to Stages Models.

ABOUT BEVERLY: I have always had this passion for creating and styling hair. I like to think that each client takes a piece of me with them out the door. It truly is my form of art that I like to take pride in , with each and every client that sits in my chair. I look forward to creating something unique for women who love style.


Journeyman stylist

* Graduated with honors from T&H Academies.

* Apprenticed, assisted and trained with Canadian World Champion hairdresser for 1 year.

* Journey person certificate with Interprovincial Standard Seal.

* Over 10 years of quality experience in the trade.

* Presented for Christian Women’s Association banquet meeting.

* Worked on presentation models for the women’s Shine conference.

* Attended training with Steve Stefano at Oracle Symposium.

* Completed various JAG training events.

* Educated in repairing and maintaining hair’s integrity with proper hair care advice.

Education: Graduated with honors from T&H Academies. Apprenticed, assisted and trained with Canadian World Champion hairdresser for 1 year. Journey person certificate with Inter-provincial Standard Seal.


Journeyman stylist

* Journey person certificate, with Interprovincial Standard Seal, with over 10 years of experience.

* Graduated with high honors from Avant-Garde College.

*Certified hair extension specialist.

* Love following trends from fashion releases and celebrity stylists

* Color placement and ombre specialist

* Works closely with Joico and Wayne Grund/Surface Educators.

* Specializes in facial waxing.

* Receives continued education, fashion and trend releases on color and cuts, from top Artistic directors that form the Joico Artistic Guild (JAG) team.

Education: Journey person certificate, with Inter provincial Standard Seal, with over 10 years of experience.


Journeyman stylist

* She graduated from Avant-Garde beauty school with honors.

* She picked up the scissors at twelve years old and has had a passion for doing hair ever since.

* Nothing excites her more than learning new tips and tricks of the hair styling world. From classes in Regina and surrounding area to a hair styling conference in Cancun Mexico and many more to come.

* Cutting may be her passion but Joanna also loves creating fun new looks with color to accentuate your personality and to enhance her cuts!

*Works closely with Wayne Grund platform artist and Joico color technician daily to keep up on going trends and fashions to make sure she is continually learning!

*Loves attending advanced classes to become more knowledgeable in new styles and techniques as they change.


: Joanna's had a passion for hair since a young age, starting at an age of 12. She is someone who loves connecting with people, she makes clients feel beautiful and pampered always! Joanna's words "I want everyone to fall in love with their hair again. Giving them tools and skills to recreate hairstyles at home. My chair is a pace where you learn about product and styles that are best suited for your day-to-day."


Apprentice Stylist

* Enjoying working in a salon with so many knowledgeable and talented stylists.

* Graduated with honors from Style Academy.

* Attended cut and color advancement class with Joico educator April.

* Love learning everyday something new, meeting new clients, building new relationships.

* Specialize in braids of all sorts, that is where my passion explodes.

Education : Apprentice Stylist acquiring Journeyman Red Seal.