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Note: Base prices are listed, but prices will vary according to qualification level of your stylist:
Master, Advanced or Apprentice.

Hair Services:

Prices vary for Master, Advanced or Apprentice.
* Children (0-12yrs):$17.00
* Children: Wash, Cut & Style $22.00
* Youth-Female: $26.00
* Youth-Male: $21.00
* Mens: Wash, Cut & Style $23.00
* Mens: Buzz Haircut $15.00
* Womens: Basic (Haircut Only) $30.00
* Womens: Classic (Wash, Cut & Style) $34.00
* Womens: Design (Wash, Cut & Style) $39.00
* Blow-dry Style: Basic $20.00
* Design and Style: $26 – $48.00
* Updo Style: All occasions $48 – $65.00
* Bridal Styles: $55 – $90.00
* Treatment: Conditioning – $20.00
Consultation 15 mins free (with no service).

Hair Color:

Prices vary for Master, Advanced or Apprentice.
* Full Color: Short – $48, Medium – $62
* Full Color: Long – $75
* Retouch Roots: $52
* Decolorize (Bleach): Short/Medium – $80
* Decolorize: Medium/Long – $96
* Bleach retouch: $69
* Toner: $16 per ounce
* Cellophane clear or semi-permanent color: $48 & up
* Color correction $63/hr & up
* Master stylist $100/hr & up
Consultation 15 mins free (with no service).

Hair Highlighting:

Prices vary for Master, Advanced or Apprentice.
* Full Foil Highlights or Low Lights: Medium – $96, Long – $117
* Partial Foil Highlights or Low Lights : Short – $48, Medium – $69, Long – $90
* Single Foil Highlights: Short/Med. – $6 ~$8,  Long – $10 ~ $12
* Cap Highlights: Partial – $37, Short – $59,  Medium – $80,Long – $101
* Mens highlights: $40 & up
* Toner: $16 per ounce
* Full Highlights with Low Lights: $140 & up
* Partial Highlights with Low Lights: $90 & up
* Color redesign: $150 & up
* Master stylist redesign: $85/hr & up
Consultation 15 mins free (with no service).

Texture & Body:

Prices vary for Master, Advanced or Apprentice.
* Permanent wave: Partial – $48 & up
* Perm (Basic): Short – $59, Medium – $74, Long – $96
* Design Wrap: Long – $133, X-Long – $160
* Texture support: Short -$60, Medium – $75, Long – $96, X-Long – $115
* Maintaimer (relaxing system): Medium – $80, Long – $101
* Permanent Straightening System: $100 per hour (includes reconstructive treatments)
Consultation 15 mins free (prior to texture & body service).


Tape-in Extensions:

Hourly rate starting at 85.00 + applicable taxes (does not include hair piece).

We use a weightless tape in method that is the safest application of hair extension available today.  This method will last up to 12 weeks before needing to removed and placed closer again.   This application method when done properly, leaves the hair with better manageability,  flexibility and body while providing length.

Reusable remi-high quality human hair pieces with a variety of single colors and lengths are available.  REMI hair does not tangle like other brands on the market(they may be more cost effective, but don’t have the durability and comb-ability like that of remi high quality).  Therefore, allowing you to utilize them multiple times with proper care.  Saving you money in the long run!  Trust me, we have tried them all.

Consultation: (Required)
Prior to booking a hair extension service it is imperative that a FREE consultation be booked.   A lot of information has to be decided before hair can be ordered.  Like coloring, length and quantity  to best suited to your over all look and finish that you are wanting.

An appointment for hair extensions can only be made after a FREE consultation has been completed. A 50 % non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required at the time that hair is being ordered and before booking to ensure time slot.


Helpful Tips

Q: How do we breakdown a haircut to suit a client?

A: There are many things to consider: hair texture, face shape, lifestyle, suitability, and the overall desired end result, whether it is realistic and achievable. We have to turn on our seventh sense. A stylist, has to be in-tune to all of that. You must gather information and arrive at something that is suitable for the client.
What’s beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another so before diving in, evaluate.

Q: If I was stranded and I could only choose four products, what would they be?

A: One would be to cleanse and condition the hair and give you flexibility, condition and moisture, my option would be any of the Surface Bassu shampoo and Surface trinity conditioner. The driest most dullest, beat up hair transforms into radiant beautiful hair.

B: No matter what style, length of hair or texture, I would use a good foundational product, in other words, I can straighten, curl or add body to the hair, this would be the Awaken Protein Mousse by Surface. You can curl the hair, dry the hair giving it pliability and manipulate the hair, yet it still feels soft without weight, without dulling and without stickiness.

C: My third product would be to add more shine – that would be Bassu shine spray. Lightweight, clean, pure with natural shine. It is workable on any hair texture, length and any style.

D: Finally, a finishing spray, workable spray – this would be Awaken Protein Styling Spray. It’s brush-able and moveable with medium support. You can spray it directly on the hair. Spray it on your hands and work into the hair. It’s the ultra-modern, lightweight hair spray, perfect for setting any style (even those with fine hair).

Q: When I want to change the hair texture, appearance, feel of the hair, to create the healthiest hair possible, what product would I choose?

A: The Surface Hair Care Line provides ultimate repair, gluten free and carcinogenic free ingredients because we care about your health and your hair.

All the products are supportive of every hair type and texture from wash to condition, to styling and finishing products but, my favorite that everyone at the salon leaves with is Trinity Protein Crème:

  • It smooths and repairs the most damaged cuticle while strengthening the hair.
  • Can be used wet or dry hair for thermal protection
  • Contains amaranth protein for body and babassu oil for hydration, strength and shine

A special benefit of purchasing Surface Hair Care products is that with every purchase a donation is made to World Vision.


Esthetics are important too


* Lip/Chin: $15.00 & up

* Eyebrows: $16.00 & up

* Under Arms: $18.00

Make up:

* Day Makeup: $30.00-$40.00

* Glamour/Bridal Makeup: $45.00-$55.00

Pricing will vary slightly with more experienced technicians.


* Eyebrow Tint: $18.00

Prices Effective 01/01/2015 and are subject to change.

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