Camille Munro Miss World Canada

This summer I was schedule to have a photo shoot with Carol’s Photography in Yorkton. I arranged with Strands to have my hair and makeup done before the photo shoot. Unfortunately Carol was unable to conduct the shoot but I was able to arrange for an alternate photographer.

The level of service I received at Strands was beyond any other salon I have attended. Not only were staff kind and welcoming but they worked to ensure my needs were met. In particular Brenda and Bev worked to makes sure my hair and make up not only looked good but that I felt good with the overall look.

Brenda did a fantastic job with my make up application, taking me step by step through what she was doing. Brenda also ensured I was comfortable with the products and techniques she was using to ensure I was happy every step of the way. My make up looked amazing in my photos and the application looked flawless for at least 6-8 hours. I could not believe that through
being outdoors in the sun and wind that my makeup did not budge!

Bev took care of my hair and ensured that it would withstand time, humidity and last throughout my shoot. Bev was helpful and knowledgeable on which products to use and what would be best for my hair type. I enjoyed the results of my hair appointment with Bev so much that I booked an appointment in September for the day of my birthday party. Thank you to Strands for your excellent customer service and for amazing work, truly one of Regina’s best
salons and a great asset to this city!

Thank you,

Camille Munro (born September 6, 1990) is a beauty pageant winner from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. In 2013, she became the first woman from Saskatchewan to be named Miss World Canada in 50 years. The competition took place in Richmond, British Columbia. There were 35 contestants at the pageant, but Munro was the only one from Saskatchewan. She said that she planned to use her crown to “really engage Canadians in what’s in Saskatchewan and let them know that we’re not just a cold province in the winter.” She also planned to spend the year practicing humanitarianism. Her win secured her entry into the Miss World 2013 pageant in Jakarta, Indonesia that September where she made the top 20 out of 127 contestants. Also that year, Munro graduated from the University of Regina with a bachelor’s degree in human justice. As part of her program, she did an internship with the United Way of Canada. Munro teaches dance to young offenders who are female.

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